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    Boost Your Weapon's IQ

    Shoot, Record, Scan, Analyze.

    WeaponLogic™ from Secubit USA is a RFID-enabled passive and secure system that enables real-time recording and storing of weapon data for optimized maintenance, improved performance and unprecedented readiness.

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Weapon Readiness at Reduced Cost.

WeaponLogic™ does it all securely and efficiently. Designed completely to Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC), this revolutionary system provides a 360-degree view of your weapon’s current state for improved weapon maintenance and reduced cost. Our patented RFID hub and satellite sensors, scanner and WeaponLogic I.D. Software provides intelligent analysis of everything from normal wear and tear of parts to control and management of additional accessories such as optics, lasers and other items.

WeaponLogic technology enables the development of safety programs to minimize catastrophic failures and the resulting injuries. Round count data will also enable a more cost and reliability-effective maintenance program that will improve overall weapon performance.


WeaponLogic provides smarter, more efficient maintenance schedules. Proper maintenance schedules are critical to upkeep and maximum performance. No longer are weapons maintenance personnel dependent on arbitrary firearm maintenance based on guesswork or indiscriminate schedules. WeaponLogic ensures inspection, parts and component upkeep is managed intelligently for each individual firearm based on its exact use and performance. The system allows for reporting on everything from components and subassembly to customized maintenance intervals based on historical records for each individual firearm.

The Brains of the Operation.

WeaponLogic Reader

Scan and analyze with the WeaponLogic Scanner & I.D. Software. Simply counting gunshots doesn’t always equate to weapon parts and component reliability because recording round count and rate of fire are only part of the equation to maximize firearm performance. More than just a gunshot counter utility, the WeaponLogic hand-held scanner and I.D. software collect each firearm’s data to provide a complete profile that includes calculated maintenance schedules which significantly increase firearm performance, mitigating unnecessary component wear or replacement. WeaponLogic I.D. acts as an electronic maintenance log, allowing armorers to view historical data on replaced parts, including the reasons for replacements. The system leverages statistical parts life expectancies provided by manufacturers to provide an eagle eye view of each weapon’s current health allowing for centralized control of multiple armories.

Features and benefits include:
  • Maintenance logs for historical data and maximized firearm lifespan.
  • Reduced operational expenses associated with catastrophic failures, parts budgeting, ammunition forecasting and more.
  • Increased firearm and shooter readiness: Records shooter’s profile including rate of fire, single shots versus multi-shot, dry fires and drops.
  • Leverage satellite tags to provide inventory control and weapon accountability for a more secured armory.
  • Track accessories and components associated with each firearm.

Every Shot

Shoot, record and tag with the WeaponLogic Hub and Satellite Sensors. With the increased modularity of firearms, logging individual components provides a more accurate and real time view of the firearms overall health. WeaponLogic RFID satellite sensors provide for the tagging of barrels, upper receiver groups, and additional accessories attached to the firearm. The hub contains the actual round counter and detects the presence of additional passive satellite sensors located on the weapon.

Features and benefits include:
  • Fully integrated, MIL-SPEC and waterproof.
  • Programmable.
  • Multiple weapon profiles.
  • Records up to 1 million rounds.
  • Passive RFID communication between devices.
  • 15+ years of battery life.
  • Smart analysis of shot profile including energy and duration.
  • Detection of varying energy outputs.
  • Records shots fired, cadence of fire, shot duration and burst rate.