Warrior Expo – Maximizing Your Weapon’s Lifecycle
WeaponLogic maximizes the lifecycle of weapons while facilitating more accurate inventory and maintenance at a reduced cost. This video was filmed at Warrior Expo East 2016 and discusses how ADS Inc. and WeaponLogic collaborated to address an existing customer’s particular challenges. For more information on how ADS leveraged its vast supplier network to identify both the Navy’s requirement and WeaponLogic’s emerging technology visit ADS.

Mil-Spec Monkey: WeaponLogic Technology
Mil-Spec Monkey was one of the many media companies at SHOT Show 2017 that highlighted noteworthy industry products and solutions, including WeaponLogic technology. Watch the video for a more in-depth analysis of how it “enables real-time recording and storing of weapon data for optimized maintenance, improved performance and unprecedented readiness.” Visit Mil-Spec Monkey’s YouTube channel for more product reviews on tactical goods and training.

Shot Show TV – Interview with Robb Meng and Jon Dufresne of Sage Dynamics and
WeaponLogic was a sponsor of 2017 SHOT Show, where more than 62,000 industry professionals and over 1.2 million consumers from 100+ countries attended at what is known as one of the premiere hunting, shooting, and outdoor trade shows in the world. Hear from WeaponLogic’s Subject Matter Expert, Robb Meng, as he explains this new-age shot counter and from Jon Dufresne, former Army Ranger and writer for, on his professional opinion and first-hand gear insight into all it has to offer.